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Welcome to Crowns-of-Sonnets, a group dedicated to sonnets of all different kinds!

Submission Guidelines
On Crowns of Sonnets

Monthly Activities
February Sonnet Challenge
March & April Collaborative Crown

Collaborative Crowns
March & April 2013: Rebirth
This year, the challenge will require you to write a crown of sonnets.

A crown of sonnets is a set of sonnets written about a common theme. Each individual sonnet ends with the first line of the next sonnet, and the last sonnet ends with the first line of the first sonnet, creating a loop.

This year, we will have three levels of varying length and difficulty. I realize that February is a rather popular time for challenges and contests (like ProjectDFC’s very own February Form Fiesta), so we’ll have a short one that can be completed in 9 days. The others can be completed in 14 days or 15 days. We'll also have some small prizes too!

By the way, please consider checking out our affiliate ProjectDFC's February Form Fiesta (FFF) as well! FSC's two week format has always been specifically to accommodate for people who would like to participate in that contest too.

How to Participate

:bulletgreen: Leave a comment on this journal stating your intent to participate.
:bulletgreen: Choose a level below and start writing! You have the whole month of February to write (and you can finish a whole crown by Valentine's...perfect for any significant others).
:bulletgreen: You can submit individual sonnets to their respective form folders.
:bulletgreen: When your crown of sonnets is finished, put them all together in one deviation and submit it to the "Featured" folder. The formatting is up to you, but make sure each individual sonnet is distinct.
:bulletgreen: You can do the challenge twice, if you so desire! After all, you have the time. You can choose to do the same or different level if you do multiple.
:bulletgreen: At the conclusion of the challenge, I'll choose up to three level 2 or 3 crowns that I enjoyed the most and give their writers a 1-month core membership. All completed crowns will also be featured in a group journal.

Level One: Rainis Crown (9 days)

The Rainis Sonnet is a meditative sonnet invented by the Latvian playwright and poet Rainis. It was invented as a means to channel the feel of a sonnet in a more concise form: It is only nine lines long. The form consists of a quatrain, a tercet, and a couplet, all in iambic pentameter. The whole piece involves only three rhymes (A, B, C). The quatrain always runs ABAB, the tercet may go CBC or CAC, and the couplet may be AA, BB, or CC.

A crown of Rainis sonnets would consist of 9 Rainis sonnets. You can vary the tercet and couplet rhyme as you please. Make sure each Rainis sonnet ends with the first line of the next Rainis sonnet, and that the last Rainis sonnet ends with the first line of the first Rainis sonnet.

For examples of Rainis sonnets, see the Rainis folder: crowns-of-sonnets.deviantart.c…

Level 2: English/Italian Sonnet (14 days)

The Italian sonnet consists of two parts, an octave and a sestet. The octave follows an ABBAABBA form. The sestet may follow several forms: CDECDE, CDCCDC, or CDCDCD. By English conventions, the meter is iambic pentameter. You may vary the sestet rhyme scheme between the different Italian sonnets.

The English sonnet consists of three quatrains and a couplet, all in iambic pentameter. The volta is prominently introduced by the third quatrain, while the couplet helps to provide a sense of closure to the piece. The rhyme scheme is ABABCDCDEFEFGG.

For level 2, you can choose to write a crown of sonnets in either the Italian (Petrarchan) style or the English (Shakespearean) style. Whatever you choose, you must stick with that form for the whole crown. Make sure each sonnet ends with the first line of the next sonnet, and that the last sonnet ends with the first line of the first sonnet.

For examples of Italian sonnets, see the Petrarchan folder: crowns-of-sonnets.deviantart.c…

For examples of English sonnets, see the Shakespearean folder: crowns-of-sonnets.deviantart.c…

Level 3: Heroic Crown (15 days)

A heroic crown, or sonnet redoublé, consists of 15 sonnets. It follows the standard crown format with one important wrinkle: A final binding sonnet that consists of the 14 starting lines of each of the previous sonnets. Although this only adds one more sonnet, the amount of planning you have to do to pull this off will take more work that it seems. You may choose either level 2 sonnet (Italian or English) for your heroic crown. As usual, all sonnets in the crown must be in the same form.

Examples of Crowns

Here are two examples of crowns that people have written before.

:bulletgreen: Example of a 14-sonnet crown: The King's Crown--The CompilationIf you who are the emptiness of space,
And galaxies are all yours to command,
And all there is of love is in your face,
And grace flows down to us out of your hand,
Then we are blessed beyond what we have earned,
And cannot speak the depth of what we feel.
We must content ourselves with chaos spurned
While all the wounds of death within us heal.
You are the God whose love defeated Hell,
And fought for those who spurned you without cause,
And yet beyond the universe you dwell,
And set in motion love and life and laws.
Oh God, forever glorified above,
The object and the author of my love.
If you, who are the emptiness of space
Fill all that is and was and will yet be,
And to beholders have a nameless face,
And see the future as a memory,
Why then do you watch sparrows' darting flight,
Or give a name to roses and to stars?
It seems one such as you, who fills the night
Would need no lowly souls, yet here we are.
You know the name of all my moods and fears
And all the inner longings of my h

:bulletgreen: Examples of a 15-sonnet heroic crown: A Crown of Sonnets: Mariya1:  eyes of glass
An elegant beauty, eyes of glass and silvered
like visions captured now in a digital age,
caged in frames to lay immortal, white, black or red,
the pale pinks and greys of flesh and fantasy, sage
thoughts unspoken for the thousand word proxies caught
and projected to distant voyeurs, the silent
partners in a dance of your soul, flying and fraught
with consequence that slips away like a serpent.
You own your dreams, and barter them for ovations
and more material things.  This is the nature
of a true artist, remembered after nations
rise and fall and call out to histories, unsure.
Your images, no matter kisses made, tears wept,
mirrors that retain their images, visions kept.
2:  visions kept secret and secure
Mirrors that retain their images, visions kept
secret and secure.  Dreams erotic and impure
are prayed away, the debris of yesterday swept
into the street and the new petals emerge, sure
that they are the prettiest flower.  And they are,
for new life, new tender tr


:bulletgreen: 3 1-month Core Memberships to the best level 2 or 3 crowns from Parsat
:bulletgreen: 50 :points: to the top 3 Rainis crowns from HuntingForHappiness
:bulletgreen: Features from Parsat and MagicalJoey for all participants
:bulletgreen: Stamp of completion from copper9lives

Concluding Remarks

If you'd like to contribute prizes for prize winners/participants, feel free to note me so I can include it in this journal. Prize contributors are allowed to participate.

We could use all the help we can to advertise. If you can drop a line on a journal or status update, that would be fantastic!

Any questions, comments, or concerns? Let me know!
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